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Vaccinations & Parasite Prevention

Our doctors can help you protect your cat from a wide range of serious diseases and disorders with routine cat vaccinations and parasite prevention.

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Protection & Prevention

Prevention is the best protection. At The Cat Clinic of Seattle, we focus on preventive and wellness care to give your cat the best chance at a long and healthy life. 

Our team will work with you to create a custom preventive care plan for your cat. Our patients' care is always tailored to their unique lifestyle needs. 

The preventive care umbrella includes a combination of cat vaccination, spay and neuter procedures, microchipping, and parasite prevention. 

Cat Vaccinations & Parasite Prevention Services

Vaccinations & Parasite Prevention Services, Seattle

Cat Vaccinations & Preventive Care

Current cat vaccinations are essential when it comes to protecting your cat from a range of dangerous and contagious diseases. We follow the vaccination guidelines of the American Association of Feline Medicine. 

As part of the preventive care umbrella, we also recommend that you have your cat spayed or neutered.  These common veterinary procedures not only prevent the birth of an unwanted litter; they can also help to protect your pet against some serious forms of cancer and may also prevent unwanted behaviors such as howling, scooting, roaming, and animal aggression.

Parasite Prevention

Every cat has a unique history and lifestyle. Routine or strategic parasite control is an important part of keeping your cat healthy and safe. If your cat spends any time outdoors or hunts then strategic parasite control becomes even more important! We will always ask you about your cat’s indoor/outdoor status as part of their wellness visits.


This parasitic worm lives in the intestine and feeds on partially digested intestinal contents. This parasite can rob your pet of vital nutrients necessary to stay healthy.


In addition to causing painful skin conditions, fleas carry dangerous blood-borne organisms that can cause life-threatening fever and anemia.

It is important that you use a cat-safe flea preventive. Many over-the-counter flea medications are unsafe for cats, causing tremors and seizures, even if they are advertised for cats. 


These parasites live in the digestive tract of cats, where they feed on the pet's blood. Hookworms can lead to anemia and other serious conditions.


Whipworms are spread through the ingestion of soil that has been in contact with an infected cat’s feces.


Tapeworms are spread through the ingestion of infected fleas during grooming. These hook-like parasitic worms live and grow in your pet's intestines. 

Ear Mites

Most commonly found in kittens and shelter cats, ear mites cause painful itch and inflammation in sensitive ear canals.


Fortunately for us here in Seattle, heartworm is very rare. However, climate change is altering our safe haven from this parasite. Please let us know if your cat is from another part of the country or if you are traveling to other parts of the state or country where heartworm is endemic.


Fortunately for us here in Seattle, ticks are not common. Please let us know if your cat is from another part of the country or if you are traveling to other parts of the state or country where ticks are endemic.

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